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Letter from Australia - Suppression: repression?

Having gone from drought to bushfires, then plague and war; many Australians were caught up in severe floods in New South Wales and Queensland. It is little wonder that some Christians feel that this has an ‘end times’ feel. The floods were the greatest for 40 years. But there are other seismic events shaking Australia as well.

David Robertson, The ASK Project, Sydney Anglicans.

On Thursday 24th February, Archbishop Kay Goldsworthy of Perth Anglicans presided over an ordination of four new deacons. One of those was of a man who had been living in an unmarried relationship with a woman for several years (they have children); and the other was of a man in a civil partnership with another man. This was done in contravention of both the Anglican and Biblical teaching on marriage. Meanwhile, in NSW, Bishop Rod Chiswell is being taken to court because he asked a gay organist in a civil marriage to desist either from playing the organ, or his ‘marriage’.