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‘God is in my heart’ says refugee

The first face I saw when I stepped into the Latvian Biblical Centre in March was Helena from Northwest Ukraine. She was surrounded by aid boxes waiting to be sent to help refugees at the Polish border. The thing that I noticed about Helena was her smile. How has she managed over the past few weeks?

John Woods

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Victor Ambramov, Ukrainian pastor of Russian speaking Baptist Churches in Latvia, is taking aid to the Polish border and bringing refugees to safety.

‘It was a shock when I found out that the Russian Army had invaded us. This was a regular day when I was preparing my daughters for school. We heard a loud noise and thought that neighbours were doing some work on their building. It was then that we had a message from the school to say it would be safer for the girls to stay at home. Three days later we began to leave. This involved a 12-hour wait to get through the border; some of this journey was on foot. We were overwhelmed by the kindness of people at the border. Free buses, food, and people willing to offer accommodation, before being taken to family in Latvia.