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Every parent’s longing

One of my very first sermons was a 6,800-word Easter preach that tried to do everything.

Culture Watch Phillip Johnston
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Joséphine and Gabrielle Sanz | photo: MUBI

Resurrection apologetic? Check. Whirlwind tour of redemptive history? Had to. Atonement and union with Christ? Can’t have one without the other. A few personal stories chucked in for good measure? Of course. Leaving out anything felt like a sin of omission. If everything didn’t happen, nothing would. As I gathered my copious notes from the pulpit after the service, I was approached by a retired naval commander known throughout the church for his ministry of encouragement. This Sunday, however, the encouragement was charged with admonishment. ‘Next time,’ he said, ‘say everything you just said – but with half the words.’