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  • Honduras: evangelicals now in majority

    Evangelical Focus

    The Roman Catholic Church was the majority religion in Honduras, central America, and is officially recognised by the government. But it has now been overtaken by evangelicals.

    A new survey shows that 43.2% of the population identify themselves as evangelical Christians while just 38.2% call themselves Catholics. 13% of Hondurans say they do not belong to any religious denomination.

    Honduras is a country with religious freedom; everyone is free to practise whatever religion they wish, so long as it does not contravene public order and other laws.

  • Vietnam: 100 kg of pork to practice Christianity

    Open Doors

    A Christian family from northern Vietnam has been made to pay their community US$90 and 100kg of pork (the equivalent of four month’s wages) to avoid further persecution from their animist neighbours.

    The man, 40, his wife and four children converted to Christianity last summer, whereupon they were harassed by the local authorities and villagers. When they refused to deny their faith, Lohn was beaten and their Christian literature was confiscated.

    The villagers said the money and the meat would serve as an offering ‘to appease the gods of the village’.