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  • Argentina: Evangelical Churches Day

    Evangelical Focus

    The Argentinian province of Neuquén has enshrined in law a new Provincial Day of Evangelical Churches. The date – 31 October, Reformation Day – was chosen as it marks the anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in 1517.

    ‘We believe it was important to give public recognition and support to the evangelical churches that are doing essential work in our province and our country’, said provincial deputy Darío Peralta (see photo). He stressed that the Congress was ‘happy to highlight their work and make it visible by recognising them and declaring 31 October as the day of the evangelical churches in our province’.

  • Abortion: 4.7m girls missing worldwide

    Evangelical Focus

    The BMJ Global Health journal has reported that around 4.7 million girls could be missing worldwide by the end of this decade due to sex-selective abortion.

    This loss could reach 22 million globally by 2100 ‘if all countries at risk of boosting this ratio above its natural level, including densely populated countries, such as Nigeria and Pakistan, do so’, warn the researchers. The research points out that sex-selective abortions, ‘the main mechanism behind sex selection’, have been on the rise for the past 40 years ‘across a range of various countries from Southeast Europe to South and East Asia’.