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  • Israel: rare Biblical inscription discovered

    Christian Post

    Israeli archaeologists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, excavating in Judea, have uncovered an extremely rare 3,100-year-old inscription with a name from the book of Judges.

    ‘Jerubbaal’, on a small jug from 1,100 BC, could be the first hard evidence of a name from that Old Testament book found on a contemporary artifact. ‘The name of the Judge Gideon ben Yoash (Judges 6-8) was Jerubbaal, but we cannot tell whether he owned this particular vessel’, they said. More importantly, ‘that name only appears in Judges, yet now it has also been discovered in the precise archaeological stratum from that period.’

  • China: Protestant church leader arrested

    Christian Solidarity Worldwide

    The leader of an unregistered Protestant church in China has been arrested on charges of ‘unlawfully possessing items that advocate terrorism or extremism,’ in possibly the first such case involving a Chinese church leader.

    Mr Zhao Weikai leads Xuncheng Reformed Church in Taiyuan, north China. He and his wife Li Xin have faced repeated harassment by the authorities, supposedly because they insist on educating their three children at home. In May, police raided their home without a warrant and confiscated their computer equipment and books before detaining Zhao for 15 days.