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  • Newham call to prayer victory

    Christian Concern

    It has been revealed that Newham Council assured residents in April that a decision allowing mosques to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer during Ramadan last year would not be repeated this year.

    In May 2020, the sound of ‘There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger,’ followed by the command to pray, could be heard. Residents complained, but after an unsatisfactory response one resident challenged Newham’s mayor, a Muslim, on a Zoom drop-in, but was met with ‘excuses’. A legal letter was sent, arguing that the decision was unlawful on various grounds. It is not known whether the council acknowledged any unlawfulness, but it said it would not authorise broadcasts during Ramadan 2021.

  • Bishop apologises to MP mocked for going to church

    Premier Christian News

    An MP ridiculed by a member of a church congregation after she attended a service has received an apology from the Bishop of Bangor.

    Virginia Crosbie MP attended the Sunday service at St Cybi’s Church, Holyhead, then gave private advice on funding to train new organists. After a congregant accused her on social media of ‘schmoozing’, Crosbie made a formal complaint to the bishop, The Rt Revd Andy John, who apologised, saying the individual’s behaviour was ‘unkind and unacceptable’. He said he would repeat his guidelines on appropriate use of social media and Christian responsibility for tolerance and respect through his regular bishop’s letter.