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  • Indonesia: four killed in Islamist attack

    Barnabas Fund

    Islamist terrorists from the East Indonesia Mujahideen killed four Christian farmers in Poso district in Central Sulawesi province. The farmers were working in a coffee plantation in Kalimago village when they were attacked by five men wielding swords.

    The police were told wounds were seen on two of the victims’ necks. There were unconfirmed reports that one had been beheaded. A police spokesman said the attack was reported by a fifth farmer who escaped and recognised one of the perpetrators as being a member of East Indonesia Mujahideen.

  • Turkey: church building desecrated

    International Christian Concern

    Marta Shimoni Church, in the eastern Turkish village of Mehr, has been attacked and desecrated by persons unknown.

    Marta Shimoni is a cave church built into the mountains, so cannot be destroyed as other church buildings have been. The destruction focused primarily against the Christian artefacts within the church, with crosses and other items strewn down the path leading away from the mountain church’s entrance. Mehr was primarily Chaldean Christian before surrounding conflict forced its evacuation in the early the 1990s.