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First for Reformation women

The Reformation Fellowship has hosted its first Theological Conference for Women, with over 150 joining on Zoom from around the world, including the Philippines and America. ‘The Fear of the Lord’ conference opened with a seminar by Union’s President and Professor of Theology, Mike Reeves.

Emily Lucas

Many women are used to speaking of a desire to walk in fear of the Lord, of using the phraseology and seeking to live this life of wisdom. However, to speak of fear in association with God can also breed wrongful association, particularly as we live in a culture, as Reeves describes, that is ‘allergic to fear’. Reeves gave a rich, refreshing recapturing of the true sense of what it means to have and live in fear of the Lord. Drawing on his recently published Rejoice and Tremble, Reeves passionately and eloquently refreshed the hearts of the saints attending with the truth that the fear of God, true saintly fear of God, is the Bible’s great balm for today’s fears and anxieties.