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Where is Jesus?

Fatima (2020), directed by Marco Pontecorvo, is due to be released on UK streaming services on 25 June 2021.

Culture Watch James Paul
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The National Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima – a statue which tours Catholic churches

Last week I watched Fatima with a small group of guests staying at the L’Abri community where I live and work. Fatima is a historical drama based on the alleged miraculous appearances of the Virgin Mary in 1917 to three peasant children near the Portuguese town of Fatima. Over a period of six months Mary appeared to Lucia (10), Jacinta (7) and Francisco (9) – very believably acted by Stephanie Gil, Alejandra Howard and Jorge Lamelas – and revealed three secrets; a vision of hell, a prophesy of the imminent end of WWI, and a mysterious third secret concerning the murder of the Pope (which was only revealed by the Vatican in May 2000). As news of these Marian apparitions spread, people came from far and wide to be present at these monthly visitations, culminating in October 1917 when a crowd of around 70,000 gathered, some of whom claimed they witnessed the sun dancing in the sky.