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  • Algeria: conviction upheld

    Morning Star News

    A court in Oran, Algeria has upheld a five-year prison sentence for a Christian convicted of reposting a cartoon of Islam’s prophet on his Facebook account. It also confirmed his fine of 100,000 dinars (US$750).

    The man’s attorney, Farid Khemisti, said the 43-year-old father of four young children appeared to have received the heavy sentence because he was a Christian. He said: ‘I really hoped for a reduction in the sentence, to at worst, six months in prison. But my client being a Christian did not make it any easier.’

  • India: mob attacks home worship

    Morning Star News

    A mob armed with axes and thick wooden batons in central India has disrupted a Methodist home-worship service and beat and threatened Christians for leaving their ancestral tribal religion.

    Eight Christians were injured and five were hospitalised. They included two women and Pastor Samson Baghel, who suffered head injuries and a dislocated shoulder, in the assault in Surguda village, Bastar District in Chhattisgarh state. Twenty Christians from surrounding areas had attended the meeting, with the only three Christian families who live in Surguda.