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How should we respond to ‘cancel culture’?

Recently my family watched the excellent Escape from film Pretoria, set in apartheid South Africa. It made me think, if I had been a white South African in the 1970s would I have supported or opposed apartheid?

Comment John Stevens
Figure Image
Daniel Radcliffe starred in Escape From Pretoria | photo: Ian Routledge/Allstar/Arclight Films

I similarly wonder, if I had been a German living in the Weimar Republic in the early 1930s, would I have supported the rise of Hitler to power? Or, if I were George Whitefield or Jonathan Edwards, would I have owned slaves? In my head, I like to think I would have done what was morally right. However, the weakness of my fallen flesh makes me all too aware that I probably would have been just as culturally blind as many who lived at the time.