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  • Algeria: jailed in absentia

    Morning Star News

    An Algerian court has convicted and sentenced in absentia a pastor and another Christian to two years in prison and a heavy fine. Pastor Rachid Seighir and Nouh Hamimi were accused of ‘shaking the faith’ of Muslims by selling Christian literature at their now-closed bookstore, where Seighir was the manager and Hamimi a salesman.

    The men only learned of their conviction from a note slipped under the door of their church building in Oran, which said they now face prison and a fine of 500,000 Algerian dinars (about £2,700).

  • Belarus: forcibly evicted

    Forum 18

    A 30-strong force of bailiffs, police, Housing Repair and Utilities Association officials deployed an angle grinder and a crowbar to gain access and evict people from New Life Church in Minsk. Up to 70 church members were praying inside at the time.

    Officials said they were enforcing a court order. Aleksey Petrukovich, who signed it, refused to explain why the action happened, and why force was necessary.

    ‘I am indignant. This is a hostile takeover of church property with the excuse of official papers,’ said Sergiy Melyanets, a member of another church, who witnessed the eviction.