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LLF: a useful resource

This book is an important contribution to the Living in Love and Faith (LLF) debate in the Church of England and would be of benefit to any orthodox Anglican engaging in the process, from the local congregation through to the different synods.

Dr David Peet

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Martin Davie, writing throughout with customary lucidity, begins with an overview of the LLF project. Then follows an ambitious, but fair, summary of the official LLF book, quoting extensively: as such, it will guide readers who need to be selective in their reading of this main text. He thoroughly contrasts the need for the church to be ethically distinctive from the modern idolatrous world. Then, after some commending aspects, Davie identifies nine problem areas in the materials, including deficiencies in the analysis of culture, science and experience. As one might expect, there follows a thorough statement of the orthodox, Anglican view of the authority of Scripture and where this stands at odds with the LLF book. Davie concludes with a helpful call to engagement with the continuing LLF process, in a positive blend of truth and love: he also offers a useful set of FAQs and further resources.

This book is primarily a Biblical response, although Michael Nazir Ali’s excellent Foreword adds some useful comment on the more philosophical dimension of the presence of widespread ‘constructivism’. The LLF study course does not receive much treatment, so participants will need to make further efforts to relate Davie’s work to this discussion material.

Overall, the book is accessible to a broad range of readers and will provide great underpinning for future discussions. Non-Anglicans will also be helped to appreciate more of the challenges being faced in the established Church.

David Peet is a PCC Secretary, and Deanery and Diocesan Synod member in Ely Diocese

A Biblical response 
By Martin Davie
Dictum Press. 194 pages. £8.99 
ISBN 978 1 838 097 264

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