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Ukraine: 24 churches planted, Christian bakery set up

For seven long years East Ukraine has been embroiled in a war which has brought devastation, displacement and death to many. Millions have been affected, losing homes, livelihoods, and life itself. The current pandemic has heaped more misery on this war-torn region and its people. How is the cause of the gospel and the state of evangelical church life in all of this?


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A lady receives bread distributed by Christians

The answer is – prospering and advancing! Pastor Igor, a Ukrainian national church leader likened the situation to that of Paul’s imprisonment at Rome from where he writes to the Philippian church and assures them that what has happened ‘has really served to advance the gospel’ (Phil.1:12). Despite not only the fallout from the war, but the discrimination, harassment and persecution of evangelical believers, including the burning and destruction of church buildings, Christ is faithfully building His church, and bringing hope and joy to many.