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  • Algeria: arrested for post

    Morning Star News

    A Christian, who had received and reposted a cartoon of the prophet of Islam on his Facebook account in 2017, has been imprisoned after the post resurfaced.

    The father of four young children has been sentenced to five years in prison after being arrested, released, and rearrested. His pastor said: ‘It is a tragedy for us and for his family. He was naive in accepting this cartoon on his Facebook account. That this story goes back three years and only now it’s resurfacing – it’s hard to digest.’

  • China: ethnic monitoring

    Barnabas Fund

    A patent filed by Huawei for a system that identifies the faces of ethnic Uighurs has been uncovered by US researchers.

    It lists ‘attributes’ that can be used to target specific individuals, including ethnicity. The discovery follows Huawei’s reported testing of automated ‘Uighur alert’ facial ‘attribute recognition’ software capable of identifying ethnic Uighurs from surveillance images and sending an alert message to police. Huawei plans to alter the patent.