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News in Brief

  • New EA event held

    Evangelical Alliance

    Christians from around the UK tuned in to the Evangelical Alliance’s first ever leadership conference last week.

    The online event was organised after the movement said it wanted Christians in leadership, both within the church and outside, ‘to share insight and pray into what is happening in the UK and what God is saying’. The evening was a mixture of interviews, worship, prayer and talks, hosted by Gavin Calver, CEO of the EA, and Jo Frost, director of communications and engagement, with contributions from UK evangelical leaders.

  • ‘Surplus’ babies aborted

    Right To Life

    A parliamentary question has revealed that between January and June 2020 there were 55 ‘selective foetal reduction’ abortions.

    These are terminations where, in cases of multiple pregnancies with twins or triplets, one or more of the children are aborted to ‘reduce’ the number of babies in the womb.

    The data was published by the government in response to a parliamentary question from Labour MP Mary Glindon. In 2019, there were 126 selective reduction abortions, a 75% increase from 2011 when there were 72 selective terminations.