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Anglican evangelicals: new group seeks to chart possible ways forward

A new organisation has been formed, headed up by Susie Leafe, called Anglican Futures.

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(L to R) Susie Leafe, Susanna Sanlon and Melvin Tinker

Its aim is to provide day-to-day practical and pastoral support for all those who would identify themselves as faithful Anglicans in the UK. Committed to the GAFCON 2008 Jerusalem Declaration, it is helping individuals, groups and churches to think through issues in a Biblically- principled way to ensure the promotion of authentically Anglican orthodox beliefs and practices, and effective gospel engagement. The organisation offers informed critical analysis of what is happening on matters which affect Anglican affairs, locally and globally, as well as the provision of online events creating the opportunity to work through some of the best ways forward to promote a spiritually robust Anglicanism in the UK. Trustees include Dan Leafe, Melvin Tinker, Matthew Mason, Phil Ashey and Susanna Sanlon. Some of them tell us more: