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  • African apologetics

    The Christian Post

    An annual African Apologetics Conference has engaged with postmodern and traditional African worldviews by asking if Christianity is Africa’s faith.

    Christians in Africa must be grounded in Biblical truth to argue with postmodernism, traditional Western atheism, traditional African religions, and Christian heresies like the prosperity gospel. A spokesman for the conference said: ‘We need to be able to understand what we believe and why we believe it as Christians and Africans. We need to answer those questions with confidence, clarity and compassion.’

  • Armenia: gospel openness


    Amid the conflict in Armenia and Azerbaijan, evangelical Christians are saying that people are open to the gospel.

    Many people in Nagorno Karabakh are very, very open to the Good News. They are really desperate. They need prayer. They need discipleship. Azerbaijani churches are bringing relief and hope in Jesus’ name. The commanding officer of one soldier gave him the chance to share the gospel and pray over the entire company in Jesus’ name.