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India: ‘a man filled with light’ leads Brahmin lady to faith

Mohini Christina, as she now calls herself, comes from a high-ranking Brahmin priestly family, but through a series of events, knew she needed a saviour. Jesus miraculously revealed himself to her in a dream where she found salvation, love, and rescue for her floundering marriage.

Godreports.com (Michael Ashcraft)

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Mohini Christina and family

Mohini had always had religion at the centre of life. However, from the moment of becoming engaged to Bharath Krishna, she began to experience unexplainable bouts of depression and loneliness, suffered nightmares and developed cervical spondylitis. It transpired that another woman had consulted witches to curse Mohini due to jealousy of her marriage to Bharath.

She was encouraged to look to black magic for herself, but declined. Finding no answers to her problems in Hinduism, Mohini said: ‘I started searching for the true God. If there is a god, let that god save me. That was the next step I took towards Christ.’ She then had a dream.

In her dream she was surrounded by water and was approached by a man filled with light. ‘I could feel his comforting presence. He gave me an all-knowing smile and his smile was so reassuring. There was so much love from him. He instantly took over my heart. I was swept off my feet by my heavenly bridegroom and I was just looking at him and thinking, is He going to save me? Then He will be my God. It was the Lord Jesus,’ she said.

‘How would Almighty God humble Himself and come to a Hindu Brahmin who didn’t even have any interest in knowing Him?’ said Mohini ‘I didn’t have any ways or means of knowing Him.’

Mohini was baptised, read her Bible and spent evenings in worship. Slowly but surely, God led her to peace.

‘Jesus is not our medicine,’ ended Mohini: ‘He is our oxygen.’

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