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Wolf in sheep’s clothing – beware of Brenda

Treat abusers nicely and they won’t hurt you is a message being given to four-year-olds in Scotland.

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Morag Hood, author of Brenda is a Sheep

The Scottish Book Trust (SBT) included Brenda is a Sheep in their pack of books given to every Primary 1 child. In a chilling subversion of ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’, a wolf called ‘Brenda’ dons a woolly jumper (which looks very like a dress) and joins a flock of sheep. The sheep learn lots of new games from Brenda, and ‘think that she is probably the best sheep they have ever met’. After Brenda shows them a recipe for mint sauce, the sheep cook up a feast of meals made from grass. Diverted from eating them, Brenda joins in the sheep party because after all ‘Brenda is a sheep’.