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  • Cameroon: child bombers

    Barnabas Fund

    Authorities have closed more than 60 schools to protect children and teaching staff from continuing suicide bomb attacks by Boko Haram.

    The Islamist militants have been carrying out at least three attacks a week since January, according to the Cameroon military. Most are perpetrated by suicide bombers, mainly women and children. In two months, 13 schools were torched, 200 people were held to ransom and an unknown number of civilians abducted, the military reported.

  • Canada: Bill ban

    The Christian Institute / various

    The government has proposed controversial legislation banning so-called conversion therapy.

    Under Bill C-6, a person could be imprisoned for up to five years for ‘knowingly’ causing a child to undergo ‘conversion therapy’. The legislation seeks to ban a range of practices deemed non-affirming towards those experiencing same-sex attraction or gender confusion, including banning people stopping children from taking puberty blockers. The Bill’s language has been labelled ‘ambiguous’ by bishops.