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  • Franklin Graham

    en Staff

    The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) is suing venues in Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield and Wales for breach of contract, it was reported on 1 November.

    Franklin Graham told the Guardian that he was ‘being denied [a platform] because of religious beliefs’. Some people have regarded his views as homophobic or Islamophobic. Others have welcomed the opportunity to have him speak in the UK. The events were cancelled amid protests made by LGBT rights campaigners.

  • Praising as he wakes

    Anglican Mainstream

    The GAFCON General Secretary, Ben Kwashi, came round from cancer surgery singing, praising the Lord with a lifted hand!

    The surgery was more extensive than planned, as the colon cancer had spread to his liver. ‘The providence and divine arrangement of the Lord made all things to work together for good. The liver specialist was available, all in God’s good hands and grace,’ wrote the Archbishop.