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Nail your colours to the mast – it’s good for others and vital for you!

Three and a half thousand years ago, or February as it’s otherwise known, my social media feeds were filled with reports of YouTubers and American comedy duo Rhett and Link publicly ‘deconverting’ from their Christian faith.

Everyday Evangelism Glen Scrivener
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Rhett and Link

It was an odd deconversion. In other tragic cases we’ve seen Christian celebrities making an announcement on Instagram, accompanied by moody selfies and the appropriate hashtags: #authentic, #followingmytruth, or #stillbelieveinlove. That’s the pattern, but Rhett and Link took a different turn. They had to because the comedy duo had never, in 15 years, gotten around to telling their audience they were Christian to start with! So the first step was to come clean that they had been Christian – and they really had been very Christian, like missionary-level Christian – and then, having described decades in the faith over the course of a couple of podcasts, they were ready for the true reveal: they weren’t Christians now. Just like most of their fans thought they weren’t anyway! Told you it was an odd deconversion.