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  • Azerbaijan: fired


    On 10 June, Baku Appeal Court rejected arguments that letters given to a Christian fired from his workplace were illegal.

    Former parliamentary staffer Rahim Akhundov said he was fired in December 2018 on secret police orders because he is a Christian. Courts said he could not appeal earlier as Parliament sent the letter nine months late. He will appeal to the Supreme Court when he receives the written appeal rejection.

  • China: sinister

    Barnabas Fund

    Persecution concerns mounted as China completed a genetic map of the entire male population, it was reported in June.

    Chinese police collected mandatory blood samples from 70 million men and boys, 10% of all males, to build a DNA Skynet of the country’s 700million males, raising fresh persecution concerns for Christians and other marginalised groups. Only 5–10% of the male population needs to be sampled in order to build a complete genetic map. US company, Thermo Fisher, supplied Chinese police with tailor-made genetic testing kits for the vast programme.