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Is anyone doing too much evangelism?

In the June 2020 edition of en, I wrote about evangelism as über alles – that is, treating evangelism as the only priority of the church. Of course, nobody says they think that, just as nobody ever thinks they’re a hyper-Calvinist. Nevertheless, apart from the hyper-Calvinists themselves, we all know it when we see it! But I was soon hearing my position – don’t make evangelism the only priority of the church – being (mis)quoted as ‘some people are doing too much evangelism’! Which is interesting, because I didn’t say that, nor do I think it!

Comment Stephen Kneale
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Some of those who insist evangelism is the only priority of the church are not necessarily putting others to shame with their extensive output (some are, but not all). What they tend to do is reckon the only task of the church is to share the gospel and make converts, which means the ongoing discipleship of their people and any converts they make is stunted. What happens at their services is typically geared up for unbelievers, not the believers in membership, and any ‘discipleship’ that does take place centres around what is perceived to be the only task of the church: sharing your faith with others.