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Reflected glory by Anonymous

We all like name-dropping, don’t we? To be able to casually mention the celebrity that we have met, the sportsman that we are related to, the media figure that we knew at school, somehow increases our prestige, bolsters our standing. We bask in the reflected glory! We swell with pride when we are able to demonstrate our superiority to others.

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Well, I can play that game too. I am an all-rounder – I try to cover most areas. So you have sporting connections? I was at school with a famous England cricketer, and a current England rugby player is an old boy of my school as well. Maybe you had thought of the arts: for instance, literature. I once had lunch with a novelist who went on to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. Or maybe music? A young cellist once played for us during an art lesson – she went on to become one of the most famous cellists in the world. Perhaps your interest is in politics: I once had the privilege of dressing the chairman of a national retailer in Virtual Reality kit, who went on to become a peer of the realm. And once I shared a railway platform with just one other person as I waited for a train – that was Enoch Powell. Maybe that wasn’t such a good thing after all.