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  • Burkina Faso: revenge

    Barnabas Fund

    Eleven church buildings were destroyed in the course of a three-day attack which started on 18 April.

    The perpetrators, from the Gan ethnic group, wreaked havoc in the town of Loropeni, where Christians are a small minority, as they burnt out and caused severe structural damage to the churches. The attacks are thought to be in revenge for the police arrest of eight Gan locals, including a tribal chief, for their desecration of a Christian grave in order to impose a ‘traditional funeral ceremony’.

  • Canada: pronoun army

    Christian Post

    Members of the Canadian Armed Forces will soon be ordered to begin using ‘gender neutral’ pronouns for all service members in official military documents, according to an unclassified document reported on in April.

    ‘Forthwith the use of gender pronouns such as he/his and she/her are not to be used … Members will be referred to by rank and name or by using gender-neutral pronouns such as they/their,’ the official notice from the Canadian Armed Forces reads.