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  • Marriage falling

    Christian Concern

    The latest figures for marriages in England and Wales published in the Spring revealed that the number of men and women getting married has fallen to a new low.

    In 2017, there was a total of 235,910 marriages between opposite-sex couples – a decrease of 2.8% from 2016, and of 45% in the past 45 years. Only 22% of marriages were religious in 2017, the lowest percentage on record. In addition, around 81% of couples that had a religious ceremony cohabited before they got married.

  • Costly donations

    The Salvation Army

    People fly-tipping outside closed charity shops and clothing banks are costing The Salvation Army thousands of pounds which would otherwise be spent on services for homeless and other vulnerable people, it was reported in April.

    For every carrier bag of dumped clothing which ends up being taken to landfill from the recycling sites, the church and charity will lose £7. An emergency response has been mobilised to clear the clothes and other items.