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  • Australia: fostering bias

    The Christian Institute

    A Christian couple launched a legal action after they were banned from becoming foster carers due to their biblical views on LGBT issues, it was reported in February.

    Byron and Keira Hordyk said they would love a child who identifies as LGBT as their own, but would help them to overcome their sin. Despite an initially favourable report, their application was refused on the grounds that their views would not ensure ‘a safe living environment’. The Equality Opportunity Commission refused to hear their case, and it has been referred to the State Administrative Tribunal.

  • Bangladesh: persecuted

    Christian Post

    At least 22 Rohingya Christian families were attacked, a Christian pastor and his 14-year-old daughter were abducted, and a church and school were vandalised in attacks in January.

    A large group of men wielding machetes were responsible, said the group in a statement urging authorities in Bangladesh to provide protection. A police case was filed against 59 alleged assailants. A group of Muslims also filed a separate complaint later, alleging that the violence was the result of Christians assaulting a Rohingya Muslim man.