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  • Sex: no respect


    An employment tribunal judge ruled in December that believing that a person’s sex cannot be changed (and thus referring to a person by their sex rather than chosen ‘gender’) is a belief ‘not worthy of respect in a democratic society’.

    Maya Forstater attempted to have the belief become a protected characteristic. She is hoping to challenge the ruling which now puts the scientific fact of binary sex below that of a belief in ethical veganism. She was at the tribunal as her research contract had not been renewed after she had expressed a scientific view of sex online.

  • Gender consultation


    More than 80 academics wrote to The Times, criticising proposed government guidance which would allow people to self-identify as male or female on the 2021 census.

    The academics wrote: ‘The guidance will effectively transform the longstanding sex question into a question about gender identity.’ Further, the Scottish government launched a consultation on the Gender Recognition Act for Scotland. It closes in March. (See this News In Brief item on the

    en website for a link to the survey.)