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  • Albania: earthquake

    Mission Without Borders

    A Christian charity has offered ‘practical, emotional and spiritual support’ to the thousands of families left homeless by the devastating earthquake in late November.

    More than 50 people were killed and a further 13,000 were left homeless, with 26 schools also damaged – affecting 10,500 children. Some being helped noted that their faith in the Lord was not shaken despite the devastation surrounding them now.

  • Canada: not a religion


    A group of atheists who tried to gain tax benefits by calling themselves a church lost a court case in December, when three judges unanimously ruled that atheism is not a religion.

    The Church of Atheism of Central Canada previously had been denied charitable tax status as a religion by Canada’s Minister of National Revenue. The Church of Atheism then appealed, claiming a violation of their rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.