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  • Facebook ban

    Christian Post

    Kellie-Jay Keen Minshull, an activist for sex-based rights, and an opponent of transgender ideology, was permanently banned from Facebook in November.

    Citing ‘safety and security reasons’, Facebook deactivated her account, stating that the decision was final. Known as Posie Parker, she had been temporarily banned for noting facts about biology and campaigning against the mutilation of children’s bodies by medication or surgery. She is not a Christian, but her clear message that people are born male and female also resulted in a YouTube interview being removed from the site.

  • Dangerous inmates

    The Christian Institute / en

    In early November, a female prisoner who was sexually assaulted by a male inmate, filed a challenge against government policy which allows men who say they are women to share women’s prisons.

    In response to a freedom of information request, six police forces in England and Wales said a man suspected or convicted of rape would be officially recorded as female if he asked to be identified as so. Half of the trans female prisoner population (i.e. men who claim they are women) are convicted sex offenders.