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  • 10 years of helping pastors


    Christian Books Worldwide celebrated its ten-year anniversary in October.

    They aim to put books into the hands of pastors in nations across the majority world in Asia, the Far East, South America, Eastern Europe as well as Africa. Books in the Chichewa language have led to Muslims and followers of sects leaving their movements after learning the truth. ‘Spurgeon, Calvin and Luther are preaching in the rural villages of Africa’ said one local leader.

  • China: released again

    International Christian Concern

    On 22 October, Gou Zhongcan from Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) in Sichuan was released and returned home to Bazhou city.

    Gou was detained in March and spent seven months in prison. Gou is recovering since his vision deteriorated in prison. His father had reported that whilst in prison, Gou had been singing hymns and worship songs. When arrested, aged 23, reporting on the inhumane treatment of prisoners, he became a Christian.