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‘The only good religion’

One of the great lacunae of the English-speaking Evangelical memory relates to France. For far too many English-speaking Evangelicals assume that after the Reformation France was a monolithic Roman Catholic bastion. But, for example, when John Calvin died in 1564, there were nearly 2 million Evangelicals in France, 10% of the entire population. And these believers and their churches had a rich hist-ory in the years after Calvin’s death.

Rear View Mirror Professor Michael Haykin
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Jean Claude (1619–1687) | photo: Wikipedia

Historians know this Christian tradition as the Huguenots and they produced some remarkably fine Christians and preachers. Consider, for instance, the preacher Jean Claude (1619–1687), the quarter-centenary of whose birth is this year and who, in his own day, was considered a model of preaching excellence and compared to John Chrysostom in the Ancient Church.