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  • Algeria: churches sealed

    Morning Star News

    On 15 October, authorities in Algeria closed the buildings of two of the largest protestant churches in the nation.

    A 500-member church in Makouda was closed with just one day’s notice. The church family occupied the building in protest at the closure. The church of Tizi-Ouzou, with 1,000 members, was also closed with no notice given. This follows the closure of a church in Tigzirt on 24 September, two days after shutting another building serving two churches without prior notice.

  • China: in detention

    Christian Solidarity Worldwide

    Tang Jingling, a Chinese human-rights lawyer, was arbitrarily detained for ten days after being reported missing, with his whereabouts remaining unknown until his release on 8 September.

    Tang was stopped at a station in Guangzhou on 29 August and prevented from travelling. He subsequently spent several days in detention, during which police confiscated his passport. After his release there was also an unexplained power cut at his home. He had just completed five years in jail without access to his Bible or his family.