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  • Divorce plans shelved

    The Christian Institute

    Radical plans to speed up divorce were halted as a result of the attempted prorogation in September, with the Bill having failed to pass all its parliamentary stages.

    Under the plans, spouses would have been able to walk away from a marriage without having to give any reason and without their spouse being able to contest the decision. There would have been a minimum legal period of just six months between the application for divorce and it being finalised, thus reducing the opportunity for reconciliation.

  • Javid: clarity at last

    Christian Concern

    Chancellor Sajid Javid MP was asked about Islamophobia on BBC Radio 4 on 30 September and helpfully clarified: ‘I call it ‘anti-Muslim hate crime’, rather than ‘Islamophobia’.’

    This is the language of choice proposed in an open letter to the Home Secretary earlier this year, which explained that Islam should not be above criticism.