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Qualified for the role?

I was faffing around on Twitter (as you do) and made a startling discovery. Somebody has seen fit to give Richard Madeley an ‘agony aunt’ column. I won’t shame the paper that thought this a good idea, but the mind boggles. This is a man so gauche that many believe him to be the inspiration behind Alan Partridge. To give him a col-umn designed to help people with real life problems – albeit a vulgar form of its own – feels, on the face of it, like a hiring misstep.

Comment Stephen Kneale
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Richard Madeley

Of course, the more cynically minded of us feel we know better. The paper is not unaware of Madeley’s inglorious track record. It’s hard to believe they really think he is the man to dole out carefully crafted, helpful advice. But Madeley is a man so prone to gaffes that he draws crowds. But the crowds aren’t keen to hear him dispense his wisdom, they wait expectantly for him to say something so exceptionally insensitive and crass you forget he is not a comic creation, but a real man who seems to believe he is hired for his incisive interview technique. And that only makes the whole thing even funnier.