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  • Cameroon: escape

    Barnabas Fund

    When Boko Haram militants attacked a village on 10 July, 200 Christian families escaped alive as they had decided to sleep in the bush because of many other recent attacks on nearby villages.

    The families lost everything they owned. The jihadists set fire to their homes, killed their livestock and plundered their food stores of millet. With their clothes, bedding and other possessions destroyed, the believers are now living in a local school.

  • Canada: Unplanned

    The Christian Institute

    The CEO of Canadian cinema chain Cineplex defended his decision in July to screen the pro-life film Unplanned in the face of violent threats from abortion activists.

    The film tells the true story of Abby Johnson, a Planned Parenthood clinic director who had a change of heart after seeing the reality of abortion. Protestors branded it ‘anti-abortion propaganda’. Ellis Jacob said he was ‘confident’ it was right to release the film in 14 cinemas for one week.