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  • Preferred pronouns

    The Christian Institute

    Prosecuting lawyers were urged by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), in July, not to use biologically-correct pronouns and names for transgender victims, witnesses and defendants.

    The new CPS guidance also uses a subjective definition of a ‘hate crime’. The Christian Institute warned that the guidance could require people to lie. CPS said: ‘Prosecutors should address trans victims, witnesses and defendants according to their affirmed gender and name, using that gender and related pronouns in all documentation and in the courtroom.’

  • Scotland drugs

    The Christian Institute/Unherd

    Scotland’s Lord Advocate has said that drug consumption rooms are not permissible under current law amid efforts to open one in Glasgow.

    The rooms, branded ‘shooting galleries’, let heroin addicts inject themselves without getting arrested. It comes as latest figures reveal Scotland has the worst drug death rates in the Western world. Scottish rapper and social commentator Darren ‘Loki’ McGarvey also said addiction is ‘out of control’ there, but nothing is being done about it.