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  • Shaping up UK’s response


    The Bishop of Truro’s final report published on 8 July on worldwide Christian persecution, made recommendations for religious literacy training in the UK Foreign Office. It also said mechanisms are needed to facilitate immediate responses to atrocity crimes, including genocide.

    Jeremy Hunt said he would adopt all 22 recommendations from the report noting that Christians are the most persecuted group in the world.

  • Stonewall: anti-science

    The Christian Institute

    More than 30 academics wrote to The Sunday Times stating that educational freedom is being stifled by homosexual lobby group Stonewall.

    ‘Tendentious and anti-scientific claims’ are presented by Stonewall to staff as ‘objective fact, without the opportunity for scrutiny’. The group asked Stonewall to clarify its support for academic freedom, and, failing this, urged universities to split from the organisation. It was recently revealed that 40 UK universities spent almost £1million on LGBT training for their staff over the past five years.