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Burundi: the advancing role of the Anglican Church

Burundi is a country of 12 million people to the south of Uganda and Rwanda. The Anglican Church of Burundi was started in 1935 by the Church Missionary Society and Ugandan and Rwandan missionaries. It is known for standing on three pillars : evangelism, medical services and education.

Bishop Seth Ndayirukiye, Bishop of Matana, Anglican Church of Burundi and on the Executive Committee of the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC)

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Bishop Seth Ndayirukiye| photo: anglicanburundi.org

The Church, now numbering about 1million members, has been able to grow and make an impact from its foundation up to today because of the influence and fruits of the East African Revival Movement. This movement emphasises the love of God and love of one another, salvation, walking in the light with one another, and staying in fellowship as brethren.