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  • Algeria: convert released

    Morning Star News

    A Christian convert from Islam whose Muslim wife charged him with inciting her to change her religion won a final court battle in April, after losing her to divorce in March.

    The man, who had been arrested, said that his then wife had been manipulated by her brothers. She had been upset when her former husband and other Christians had sung a Christian song and talked about Jesus whilst in someone else’s home.

  • Cayman Islands: resisting

    Christian Concern / en

    In early April, the government of the Cayman Islands won the right to appeal a Supreme Court judgment, to resist the introduction of same-sex marriage.

    On March 29, same-sex marriage was ruled as legal on the British overseas territory after a couple challenged the Island’s law in court. The lesbian couple who brought the case to court had planned to marry in April, but no decision on the legal challenge is due to be made until later in the summer.