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  • Canada: Trans Fine

    Lifesite news

    A human-rights tribunal ruled in March that a Christian activist discriminated against a transgender woman by distributing flyers that referred to the person, who was running for political office at the time, as a ‘biological male’.

    In a 104-page ruling, the tribunal further declared that there is no room for any public debate in the matter. The tribunal ordered the Christian to pay $35,000 in compensation for injury to the person’s ‘dignity, feelings, and self-respect’.

  • Canada: Discrimination

    The Christian Institute

    A rape crisis centre had its funding cut after it refused to allow men who say they are women to use some of its services, it was reported in March.

    Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter prohibits men from its premises in order to protect women who use its services. Vancouver City Council says the centre will receive no more funding until it accommodates men who identify as women. The centre says it is the victim of ‘discrimination against women in the name of inclusion’.