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  • Powerless Parents

    The Christian Institute (CI)

    Parents opposed to their teens’ efforts to ‘change sex’ had their children removed by social services, it was reported in March.

    When two sets of parents objected to doctors prescribing puberty blockers, they were reported to social services by teachers at their children’s schools. The deputy headteacher reportedly said he was ‘powerless to intervene’ and prevent them from losing their daughter, saying: ‘I know she’s not a boy, but she’s self-identified, so my hands are tied.’

  • Biblically Illiterate


    The religious literacy of Government officials has been questioned after they rejected a professing Christian’s bid for asylum based on a ‘profound misunderstanding’ of the Bible, it was reported in March.

    The Iranian asylum seeker said he converted to Christianity from Islam after discovering that it was a ‘peaceful’ religion. In a letter, an official cherry-picked Bible verses which they said were ‘inconsistent’ with the man’s claim. In 2016 another asylum seeker was questioned on the colour of the cover of the Bible.