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  • Service cancelled?


    A weekly Sunday service will no longer be compulsory for churches, after a vote to change a 400-year-old law was passed by the Church of England’s ruling body in late February.

    General Synod voted to end the law – dating back to 1603 – which required priests to hold a Sunday service in every church they looked after. The Bishop of Willesden, who proposed the change, called it ‘out of date’.

  • Transferred back

    The Times

    The Prison Service is to stop many trans-gender inmates, including sex offenders, serving their sentences in women’s prisons, it was reported in early March.

    The Government is ‘revising’ guidelines that state the ‘great majority’ of trans prisoners should be allowed to ‘experience the system in the gender in which they identify’. Options under consideration include ‘clustering’ trans prisoners in special wings or sections of wings. This comes after females were assaulted by a ‘woman’ with male genitals in a women’s prison.