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Scotland: revisionism’s gravitational pull

‘If you want me to stick my neck out, I think I would say that if the Church were officially to approve homosexual partnerships as a legitimate alternative to heterosexual marriage, this so far diverges from biblical sexual ethics that I would find it exceedingly difficult to stay. I might want to stay on and fight a few more years, but if they persisted, I would have to leave.’ (John Stott, Balanced Christianity, p. 63)

The Revd David McCarthy, Rector of St Thomas’ Church, Costorphine, Edinburgh and Secretary of the Scottish Anglican Network

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St Thomas’ Church, Costorphine, Edinburgh

Some advocate strongly for staying in denominations which are being sucked into the black hole of contemporary morality. John Stott is cited as someone who would support this today. Others have come to a place much more like that expressed in the quote above – it is time for us to realign for our spiritual health, for the extension of the kingdom and in obedience to the Lord.