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  • One a day

    The Times

    The UK Deed Poll Service reported a sharp rise in the number of parents paying £35 to alter their child’s title from ‘Miss to Master’ or ‘Master to Miss’ in the past five years, with about one under-16-year-old making the change every day, it was reported in January.

    ‘We used to issue a couple of these deed polls every couple of months, but now it’s seven to ten a week,’ said Louise Bowers, a senior deed poll officer. The majority are teenagers, but some are as young as ten.

  • Gender denial

    The Christian Institute

    It was reported in February that nursery staff in Scotland have been told not to call children ‘boys’ and ‘girls’.

    The guidance from the Care Inspectorate also cautions against using words such as ‘man-made’ and ‘mankind’ and urges staff to change story characters such as Mr Squirrel to ‘Squirrel’. Critics have called the guidance ‘patronising’ and ‘out of control’.