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  • Algeria: closure

    Morning Star News

    The official notice that a village pastor in Algeria received on 30 December confirmed that his church had been ordered to close.

    Pastor Rabah Messaoudi had won a legal battle in 2017 after local officials in the Muslim country tried to close his church. Those acting for the pastor have said they will appeal again, as the church is affiliated to an organisation of 45 churches through which the national commission confirms their authenticity.

  • Algeria: acquitted

    Morning Star News

    Five Christians in Algeria were acquitted on 25 December of the charge of inciting a Muslim to change her religion.

    A judge acquitted Rachid Ouali, whose Muslim wife had filed the charges against him under pressure she claimed from Muslim relatives, police officers. The Christians’ attorney, Badjib Sadek, said five defendants were acquitted of worshipping in an unauthorised place and inciting a Muslim to leave his religion because the judge strictly followed the law.