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  • Gender census

    The Christian Institute

    Data on ‘gender identity’ will be collected in the 2021 census for the first time, it was reported in early January.

    The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the new questions asking about sexual orientation and gender identity will be optional. Since the Gender Recognition Act 2004, fewer than 5,000 people have legally changed their sex.

  • Lawbreaking encouraged

    The Christian Institute

    The No To Named Persons (NO2NP) campaign reported in late December that teachers in Scotland are being encouraged to break the law by ‘outdated’ guidance on sharing pupils’ information.

    The group wrote to the Education Minister to point out that sex education guidance claims teachers must share a pupil’s private information with the child’s Named Person if it ‘affects or is likely to affect’ the child’s wellbeing. However, when the UK Supreme Court reviewed the scheme in 2016, it ruled that it breached parents’ human rights.